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  • Lulanjinatexiao meibai qubanwang Cream

Lulanjinatexiao meibai qubanwang Cream

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Lulanjinatexiao meibai qubanwang Cream

According to the traditional medical theory, it is refined by adopting the pure traditional Chinese medicine plant. The curative effect is too remarkable to include chemical compositions. There is no side effect. Through the clinical verification of the countless one, it can dissolve the melanin, has special effects to the freckle, pregnant spot, the wrinkle and dark sore lett over the cat effectively, thus obtain the effect of brightening, dispelling the speckle and nourishing the skin.

Main Compositions: Contains the famous and precious ginseng whitening essence, vitamin E, pean powder, fruit sour, bear fruit glucoside, natural moisturizing factor wheat embryo's bud oil, Liquorice essence lotion.

Spec.: 20g/box

Shelf Life: 3 years

Direction: After washing the skon in the morning and evening every day, wipenthe product and massage gently the spot which is obvious; use tit for seven to fifteen days; after the spot print disappears, use once every night to strengthen the whitening effect. The product belongs to plant presctiption, so it's safe to use without side effects.

Caution: If the skin is allergic, please first use it on the inboard arm for 24 hours for irritability test. If there isn't maladjustment, it's suitable for the skin. Some people will itch, heat tiny redness and feel tight in various degree. This is the normal response of invigorating blood, dispelling speckle and making the pigment come off, return to normal a few days later. Those whose splash and dark sore are serious should not use the product disconnectedly. If the skin is sensitive, decline to use the product.

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